I have worked on many projects both in school, and outside of school. This page gives a quick overview of a few of them, and explains the skills which I learned while completing them:

Wheel of Fortune

For my ICS3U final project, I worked with Paul Lee to recreate the popular Wheel of Fortune game using Java and HSA. I learned more about Java graphics and documenting my code effectively using comments.

Megavolt’s Escape

Megavolt’s Escape is my ICS2O final project, which I wrote using Processing. When creating it, I learned improved my knowledge of the Processing language (e.g. graphics, handling mouse and keyboard events).


Scrape is a command-line Scratch interpreter which I built outside of school in collaboration with Paul Lee. Its main purpose is to allow online judges such as MCPT and PNOJ to judge Scratch submissions.

When working on this project, I improved my understanding of object oriented programming and learned how to distribute software packages using Snap and Flatpak.